Cubysoft’s Pro Harness: the Speedsoft belt that will make you feel like a superhero

Do you want to feel the adrenaline from playing Speedsoft at the top level? Then you need Cubysoft’s Pro Harness, the belt that will make you feel like a superhero: quick, fleeting and powerful.

Cubysoft’s Pro Harness is not just any belt. It’s your faithful companion in every game, the one that allows you to carry everything you need to win and gives you a break in order to resist and hold on in the hardest moments. With it you’ll be able to run, jump and dodge like never before thanks to its light, ergonomic and adjustable design. By wearing it you’ll be able to move freely and comfortably.

And there’s more: you can personalize your Speedsoft equipment according to your preferences and playstyle. Do you need more charges? Do you wish to add a personal touch with stickers and patches? No problem. The Pro Harness has room for everything you want.

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Pro Harness Belt

CubySoft® PRO HARNESS Cubysoft Pro Harness (PH)- the ultimate gear for all your Speedsoft tournaments! This innovative belt is designed to provide maximum comfort, durability and functionality while you compete...