Ready for an out-of-this-world experience? At Cubysoft, we're thrilled to introduce our new and astonishing release: Xpert Harness! Brace yourself, because this incredible belt goes beyond the limits of physics and is here to take your game to epic levels.

Now, let us tell you why Xpert Harness is simply the best belt you've ever seen.

Ultra-Fast Magazine Extraction (2 types of interchangeable padding)

One of the exciting features of the Xpert Harness is its interchangeable padding and intelligent design that keeps your magazines separate from your glutes.

This means you can slide your hand in and pull out your magazines with a single swift motion, without any interference from your glute silhouette. Say goodbye to uncomfortable moments and wasting valuable seconds.

Minimalist Design, Maximum Power

Xpert Harness is not only comfortable and practical, but also elegant and powerful. Its minimalist design fits perfectly to your body, reducing bulkiness and minimizing visibility to your opponents.

But at the same time, it offers great carrying capacity and optimal weight distribution. You'll be able to move swiftly and rapidly on the playing field without sacrificing your arsenal. Lighter, faster, and unstoppable!

Fits Like a Second Skin (Perfect and Customizable Fit)

We understand that not all players are the same. Whether you prefer a tighter or looser fit, Xpert Harness molds to your contours and perfectly adheres to your waist and body. No more settling for one-size-fits-all; you can enjoy a personalized fit that makes you feel secure and in control at all times.

Its ergonomic design adapts to your anatomy and provides optimal support. No need to worry about your belt coming loose or sliding around; you can focus on your speed and precision.

Lightning-Fast Magazine Changes with our HOOK AND LOOP SYSTEM

Xpert Harness allows you to change magazines in a matter of seconds without wasting any time. Its hook and loop system makes attaching and detaching magazines a breeze, without the need for MOLLE or buckles. Just pull and release, and you're good to go.

  • ALL ADHESIVE! Everything is secured with adhesive, allowing for a perfect fit and greater comfort. The adhesive is high-quality and resistant, capable of withstanding intense use and the toughest conditions.

No need to worry about running out of ammunition or losing your magazines. Everything stays in place with super-resistant adhesive, keeping your magazines securely in place without falling or sliding.

Double Pouch Height = Versatility

With Xpert Harness's magazine holder, you can stack two layers of magazines on top of each other to double your capacity. You can customize Xpert Harness to your playing style and load it up with all the accessories you desire. Get ready to carry everything you need and more!

If you need to switch panels, no problem: just release the hook and loop, and you're good to go. Quick change, and back to playing!


Be one of the first to experience the new Xpert Harness belt from Cubysoft. LIMITED EDITION (only 30 units available!)

Innovation, comfort, and style in one product: Xpert Harness has arrived to change the game's rules.

It's time to make history. It's time to enjoy the competition belt you deserve.

Don't let others tell you about it. Access the limited FIRST PRE-ORDER of 30 units now. Only the fastest 30 people will get their hands on this gem!

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