Speedsoft is an Airsoft’s competitive modality. It takes place in a symmetric battlefield, usually in a closed space (Closed Quarters Battle or CQB), but also outdoors like Paintball. It stands out for being a more frenetic game, with high speed movements and strategical, since players get into the field with a previous plan.

As a relatively new category, it’s still being developed. Nonetheless, it rocks and its popularity has increased in a lot of countries while creating a strong and united community, known as “Speedsofters”. This community is so strong you can even hear its war cries from a very long distance.

Speedsoft is living right now one of its finest moments and celebrating many more competitive events than before. We are so lucky! In fact, it has been created in Spain the first Speedsoft sports league: the Pushtime League or PTL.

It gives us goosebumps just mentioning it. But everything happens in due time. If you are thinking about getting started in this fascinating world, first you’ll have to learn its rules, game modes and how to equip yourself correctly. We’re telling you EVERYTHING!

Speedsoft rules

Speedsoft rules: How do we play it?

Por regla general, el Speedsoft se compone de dos equipos de cinco personas que luchan entre sí con el objetivo de llegar a la base enemiga. La modalidad de juego original se basa en el formato P2P de Paintball, adaptado al Airsoft.

Speedsoft is usually played by two teams of five players each. They battle with one goal in mind, to reach the enemy base. Original game mode is based on the P2P format from Paintball, but adapted to Airsoft.

However, some brands have their own game modes, depending on the type of event and the field conditions. For example, the Pushtime League has a dynamic, strategical and full of adrenaline game model. Both teams try to invade the rival’s part of the field with one goal in mind; pressing the central button and the enemy button in order to score as many points as possible. Each match has a determined number of rounds; 2, 3 or even more. The team getting more points wins the match.

The path towards this goal isn’t going to be easy. But that’s the point, isn’t it? Matches are played in a symmetrical battlefield with parapets or barricades you can use to take cover or advance towards the enemy’s side of the field. Players have to think a team strategy so they can coordinate their movements and advance cleverly because time runs very fast. Speedsoft is without a question one of the most exciting games that needs to be played at least once in life.

  • - 2 teams try to eliminate the opposite team and conquer a central goal

  • - Symmetrical field with parapets

  • - Few minutes rounds

  • - Players have only one life

  • - There are penalties


    Where did the Speedsoft come from?

    This new Airsoft version started to develop in the United States. In particular, Speedqb company was the pioneer, the one who started it and to whom we owe the birth of this marvelous sport.

    Speedsoft Origin


    How do I equip myself for playing Speedsoft?

    There isn’t any kind of rule requiring players to adjust to any dress code. Theoretically, you can play Speedsoft with any replica and any equipment but in practice, it isn’t recommended. We tell you why.

    When competing, we look for the best performance alongside our team. We’ll choose clothes that are: light, allowing you to move effortlessly, resistant to potential scratches or snags and not bulky, so your silhouette is not exposed.

    You’ll wonder, where can I find a Speedsoft equipment that fulfils all these specific traits? At Cubysoft we design our own Speedsoft products, having in mind tactical movements and real experience on the playing field. We’re fanatics of the scene, we confess.

    We have the most innovative and specific equipment for this competition: PRO HARNESS and CYCLONE CHEST RIG. Players can carry the most magazines and have access to them rapid and effectively. These are two of the most valued products amongst the Speedsofters and will improve your experience without a doubt.

    If you’re excited to compete and create more than a team, an army, you can complement your PRO HARNESS and CYCLONE CHEST RIG with other Cubysoft items that’ll be just right for you:

    • - Thunders
    • - Atom Gun
    • - Bracelets
    • - Barrel Covers

    Don’t forget to add your customisation touch with funny Speedsoft Patches and Stickers. At Cubysoft we’ve gotten very creative and come up with original designs in different styles and colours. You can combine them with any outfit.

    You’re ready now to assemble your best team, stick together and enjoy the many events that are still to come. Spoiler: once you start, you won’t stop.


    Speedsoft gear for competition
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