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What is Speedsoft?

Speedsoft is Airsoft’s competitive modality. It takes place in a symmetric battlefield, usually in a closed space (Closed Quarters Battle or CQB), but also outdoors like Paintball.

We recommend you to read one of our news where we explain in more depth what Speedsoft is:

How can I buy wholesale products?

It is very simple:

First of all you have to access the "Buy Wholesale" section of the website.

Secondly, fill in the registration form so that we can give you access to the private area for companies.

Once you have access to the "wholesale" area, you will see a different web menu where you can buy through the wholesale catalogue or place a quick order.

If you continue to have any questions or problems, please let us know through our contact channels.

Can I Hurricane Backpack be attached to the Cyclone Beta?

Of Course. The anchors have been thought for the Beta version and the new version of the Cyclone Chest Rig

Does the Hurricane come with a Chest Rig built into your purchase?

No. The panel that you see in the images gallery of the product is to be able to use the Backpack without the need ofr a Cyclone. 

You can only put one Horizontal AR on that small panel.

New Website. Do I have to re-create a user if I was already registered on the old website?

No. If you had a user on the old website, it will serve you on this new one as well.



How long does it take for my order to arrive in my country?

Europe: 2 to 3 days handling / manufacturing + 2 to 5 days maximum arrival time

USA + International: 2 to 3 days handling / manufacturing + 3 to 5-7 days maximum arrival time

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