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Speed, excitement, and adrenaline! That's what we expect from Speedsoft, a sport that has become increasingly popular in recent years. On the other hand, Airsoft offers a more realistic and strategic gaming experience. What is the best option for you? That's what we're going to find out in this detailed comparison between Speedsoft and Airsoft.

You may already be an Airsoft or Speedsoft veteran and have your preferred playing style, as expected, or perhaps you are new to this exciting scene and are still discovering the game mode you are most passionate about.

In this post, we just intend to inform you about the different expressions of play in Airsoft, and among them there is Speedsoft. We want you to understand their differences, their similarities and discover other ways to have fun perhaps you didn't know before. After all, we all look for a little excitement and adrenaline in life, right?


What is Speedsoft in Airsoft?

This is one of the frequent asked questions new players make. We could say that Speedsoft is a new way of playing and expressing ourselves within Airsoft. It’s played with a more dizzying speed and is more focused on team competition.

In recent years, new variations of Airsoft have emerged, some are closer to military simulations such as MilSim or Skirmish, and some others have a more sporting, competitive and strategic nature like Speedsoft. Each one of them has its own rules, appeal and community.




          ■  Speedsoft focuses on speed and agility with a higher rate of fire, while Airsoft focuses more on realism and strategy.

          ■  Speedsoft players move quickly through smaller game fields in a shorter time frame, while Airsoft players use a variety of weapons and accessories to play on larger fields in longer time frames.

          ■  Airsoft is more realistic than Speedsoft, closer to military combat. Airsoft players use high-quality weapons and accessories to create a more realistic gaming experience. Additionally, Airsoft fields are usually larger and strategically designed to promote tactical gameplay. However, if you prefer a less realistic, but lighter, agile and fast-moving game, Speedsoft might be the best option for you.

          ■  Speedsoft is less strict in terms of regulations compared to Airsoft. As a newer game mode, its basis and rules are still under development.

          ■  Equipment requirements:

          In Speedsoft you’re freer to dress however you like, which allows you to show your own personal style. At CubySoft, for example, you can create your own Speedsoft Gear (Pro Harness, Thunders, Quickreleases, Cyclone Chest Rig...) with the colors you like the most and even complement it with Stickers and Patches that allow you to distinguish yourself as a unique player on the battlefield.

          Airsoft players may be required to have tactical accessories such as vests, helmets and other equipment, as well as a high-rate-of-fire airsoft gun, magazine, ammunition, and eye protection.

          It’s important to mention these are general characteristics and may vary depending on the particular event, tournament or match.



          Speedsoft Gun


            ■  Airsoft guns or replica firearms that shoot high-density plastic balls are used to eliminate opponents.

            ■  Eye protection is required to play safely.

            ■  By definition, they are not considered a sport, but a recreational and playful activity.

            ■  Teamwork is needed to achieve a common goal.

            ■  Both require a certain level of skill and strategy.

            ■  They both can take place in a variety of environments, from open fields or CQB (Closed Quarters Battle) to closed structures like abandoned buildings or forests.

            ■  Both Speedsoft and Airsoft are safe activities if the rules are followed and the appropriate equipment is used.

            ■  The aim of both is to become a competitive and fun game, with many different game formats. 


              So... What is better, Speedsoft or Airsoft?

              Speedsoft and Airsoft are two exciting and safe sport disciplines to play. The choice between one or the other will depend on your preferences and skill level.

              It would be preferable to try both, so you can choose which one you like the most based on your own personal experience and not being conditioned by anyone else. What truly matters when you play is you have fun and enjoy a team experience with new or old friends.

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