Are you an ambitious player and looking for new tactics to keep on improving in the field? Speedsoft is an exciting and challenging game that requires both technical and mental skills you need to master. If you’re trying to improve your Speedsoft skills and become an even more creative and impressive player, don’t go anywhere.

We’ll give you some of the best advices and techniques to be a good Speedsoft player and help you reaching a superior level. From knowing the maps to improving your aim and your teamwork, we’ll cover every key aspect in order to excel at the game.

In addition, we’ll explore how to remain calmed and focused in intense situations. We’ll see how meditation and correct breathing can make your mental skills get better and give you an advantage when facing your opponents. You’re about to discover how to overcome yourself and become an even more efficient Speedsoft player.

Ready, steady, GO!

How to be a good Speedsoft player - the best tips you'll ever read

Speedsoft is an active game which combines speed, agility and technique. If you wish to be the king of the field, you have to be a step ahead of your opponents. Here are 5 useful tips to keep on improving.

Here we go!

1. Get to know the layout

Knowing the layout it’s crucial for being successful at Speedsoft. Learn how to move and what the coverage areas are so you can move quicker and safer, as well as the routes and the ideal positions for shooting.

Pay attention and detect the weak and the strong spots of the field. Try different strategies and find the one that fits your playstyle the best. Speedsoft is like chess, a strategic game of angles and spaces in which we have to be able to anticipate the movements of our opponents.


2. Improve your aiming

Good aiming is essential in Speedsoft. Practice your shooting skills while training and learn little by little how to aim with precision and quickness. It’s important to choose the right BBs to perform to your best in the field.

Regarding pellets, you should keep in mind these aspects: precision, consistency and compatibility with your replica. The heaviest pellets are usually more precise at a long distance, while the lightest are normally more effective for the speed and agility required in shorter games.


3. Team work makes the dream work

Teamwork is important in Speedsoft. Make sure communication with your teammates is good and you all collaborate to achieve common goals.

Teamwork allows you to cover more ground and keep your enemies under control. A clear and effective communication is basic to coordinate your movements and tactics on the field. Without a good strategy and a team-based coordination, you’ll hardly celebrate any victories at all.


4. Improve your game sense

      • ■  Watch games and experienced players: by watching other players in action you’ll learn new tactics and strategies and also have an overall better understanding of the game.

      • ■  Analyse your games: by reviewing your own games you’ll be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses, correct your movements, analyse your decisions… and all of it will help you in future competitions.

      • ■  Improve your physical condition: Speedsoft demands a good physical condition, since Speedsoft is a quick and intense game. Training your stamina and cardio will help you perform longer and better in the field.

    The most important thing is to not get discouraged because of a loss or a negative streak. Keep a positive mentality and focus on the game. Remember: in order to be a good Speedsoft player you need both technical and psychological skills. 

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    5. Invest in light, practical and safe equipment

    It’s also important to invest in good equipment. At Cubysoft we have a wide range of specialised Speedsoft products you’ll probably know by now: Pro Harness belt, Cyclone Chest Rig, Hurricane Backpack, Thunder Mag Pouch, Thunder Tank Pouch… This equipment won’t only help you getting better in the field, but will also keep you safe and comfortable.

    With our latest Cubysoft packs you don’t have to worry about picking every article individually. You just have to choose the pack that fills your needs the best and your favourite colour. You’re ready to play! You’ll realise that using a good equipment will make your game experience much better and you’ll sense the difference in every match. 

    Put these useful tips into practice and transform your Speedsoft game on the CBQ field

    Practice is very important in order to improve your Speedosft skills. Don’t give up and mostly, don’t be afraid of trying new tactics and strategies in the arena. Play as much as you can and learn from your mistakes.

    Beyond these tips, it’s also important to be up to date on the last news and updates of the game. Follow forums and Speedsoft communities to be informed of new trends and strategies. Follow us on Instagram @cubysoft, we’re very active!

    With these tips and a little bit of practice, you have the key to outdo yourself and show your best version in the Speedsoft arena. Good luck with your next matches!


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